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| March 4, 2014

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Topic: Value
(Presentation w/c 10th March, essay submission 4pm Friday 21st March)
Using data for Sainsbury’s plc, critically evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of internal performance measurement techniques and those relying on external performance measures.
Reading articles for this topic:
Baum C.L., Sarver L. And Strickland T. (2004), ‘EVA, MVA and CEO Compensation: Further Evidence’, American Business Review, June 2004
Griffith J. M., (2006), ‘EVA and Stock Performance’, The Journal of Investing, Summer 2006
Weaver S. C. (2001), ‘Measuring Economic Value Added: a survey of the practices of EVA proponents’, Journal of Applied Finance, Fall/Winter, pp. 7 – 17
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