| March 27, 2014

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Book report
Hello, I have to do a book report between 5-6 pages long. The book is A NATION OF ENEMIES CHILE UNDER PINOCHET…authors PAMELA CONSTABLE AND ARTURO VALENZUELA…ISBN #0-393-30985-1
I have questions that have to be answer by my professor. I will copy and paste how she wNts it written and what has to be answer after reading the book.
Outline for Book Report
1. Introduction: Overview of book. Give title and author. Write several paragraphs on what the book covers, its general approach and its point of view. (1 page to 1 ? pages).
2. Middle section: Discuss three to four aspects of the book (from different parts of the book). Give an overview of the issue / material / theme, and how it relates to broader themes in the study (one to two pages for each aspect) (about 5 pages total)
3. Conclusion: Give your opinion of the book ? what you liked, what you didn’t, what information / point of view / approach you found most interesting, what you learned from the book. Any themes you would have liked to have covered in greater detail, questions you have, etc. (about a page).
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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