A marketing Plan for a new product

| October 20, 2015

The project requires the creation of a marketing plan for a new product to be introduced.
You will be required develop a marketing plan and then marshal your thoughts and ideas and communicate them via a written report.

Please provide me with a Proposal:

A two pages typed proposal. That is, new product ideas for the Marketing Plan must be submitted for approval. The proposal should briefly explain what product you have selected, why, and what information resources are available to you for completing this project, e.g., what articles, interviews you can obtain, annual reports, etc.

Please provide me with more than one new product that never existed in any country better to have at least 3 new products, I NEED YOU TO FOCUS ON CONSUMER GOODS, AVOID THINKING ABOUT IDEAS RELATED TO AUTOMOTIVE DEVICES AS WELL AS ACCESSORIES RELATED TO MOBILE DEVICES.

It need to be a physical product.

Please also make sure it should be written with simple and easy words, and each product will be written in a separate paper.


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