A Letter by Confucius to Aristotle on Happiness and Benevolence

| August 19, 2015

this paper will be an unconventional one and will not incorporate the standard essay style. You will write a letter by taking on the persona of a character or author we have read and discussed this semester and you will be writing to another character. Your goal is to express, persuade, or convince the other part of an idea or goal you have in mind. This involves your capacity to be an empathetic reader and to see through the perspectives of the various characters we have discussed this semester. You need to think, in as much as you can, like them. I want to see you become that character when you write the letter, personality wise, stylistically, and I want you to adopt that character’s point of view. Your letter should be 350- 500 words, typed in size 12 font Times New Roman, with one inch margins, and double spaced. Your letter should be addressed to a specific character and should let your reader know who you are too

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