A Language and Literacy Development Journey Part 2: Supporting Your Child’s Language and Literacy Journey

| July 16, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

For Part 2 of your Assignment, you build upon your work by recommending supportive environments, approaches, and strategies that will foster and support language development, acquisition, and literacy during each stage, toddler through primary. Be sure to include specific ideas, strategies, and approaches you would recommend to your child’s family to help support language and literacy development at home.

Just as this module is split into 2 weeks, so Part 2 of your Assignment is divided into two sections. You will complete the sections as follows:

  • Section 2: Week 8: Kindergarten Through Primary (4 pages)

To prepare

  • Review Part 1 feedback already given by your Instructor, taking note of key ideas and feedback that is essential to your child’s language development journey.
  • Revisit the Part 2 requirements in the document titled A Language and Literacy Development Journey Outline.
  • Consider approaches and environments that might best address your child’s specific learning needs in care and education settings and at home.

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