| August 19, 2015

Please answer each question with a minimum of 75 words. The questions need to be answered individually. The questions are all about the novel A FAREWELL TO ARMS, by ERNEST HEMINGWAY 1. Explain what makes the central character of your novel dynamic. 2. Consider the tone of A Farewell to Arms. What sets the tone? How does it affect your interpretation of the events in the story? Could the tone be read differently by another reader? Do you believe the author considered this in setting the tone? 3. How important is the setting of the novel? What impact does the setting have on your interpretation of events? 4. Explain the use of symbolism in the novel. 5. Explain the primary conflict in your novel. How do other conflicts in your novel affect the primary conflict? 6. Does the novel convey a moral? If so, how does the author develop the idea? If there is no moral, does the author want you to do anything?

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