| August 19, 2015

A description of the target market for “NIKE” Be specific, including segmentation criteria. Please NOTE: Read below.. This is a new product that we are planning to do a marketing plan on…. Any questions, please let me know. Our marketing plan for our new product is “NIKE” The new product is a tracking device designed into the shoe (in the tongue). This tracking device/GPS could be added to any shoe made by Nike. There could be two different devices, one that is simply a GPS device to track an individual wearing the shoes or a GPS that serves a dual purpose of tracking the individual wearing the shoes, as well as, calculating the distance,times, calories, and various other vitals for a person that is exercising or an athlete. They could be called the Nike Follow Me and the Nike Follow Me Plus. The Nike Follow Me could be used to track young children, older individuals which may have dementia,or anyone that may go missing,which could assist in finding individuals in Amber Alerts,Silver Alerts, kidnappings, etc. The Nike Follow Me Plus could be used for tracking and collecting/monitoring an athlete or individual that is involved in an exercise regimen. Information collected through the GPS chip could be accessed via computer, mobile phone, and/or tablet. Also the tracking device could be serviced and monitored through the cell phone carrier of choice. This product would be discreet and assist with the decreasing of missing persons, additionally the dual purpose product would allow the same tracking service along with allowing an athlete to participate in the sport or exercise regimen of choice without extra weighted devices weighing them down.

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