A Critical Review of Two Texts

| August 30, 2015

This assignment requires you to compare and critically appraise two academic texts.
Type of texts: One of these texts can be the same text you summarised for Assignment 1. The texts can be on-line articles, journal articles, reports of different studies, written versions of conference papers or chapters from books. You should choose texts that present different arguments or offer different solutions to a particular ‘problem’ or issue that is important in your field.
You should discuss your choice of texts with your lecturer before working on this assignment.
The structure you choose to follow for Assignment 2 depends to some extent on the texts you have chosen. The following sets out possible structures:
Information about the topic/area of research.
Identify the 2 articles and their main purpose
Initial evaluation of Text 1
Summary of Text 1
Summary of Text 1
Brief summary of Text 1
Critical evaluation of Text 1
Summary of Text 2
Initial evaluation of Text 2
Summary of Text 2
Critical evaluation of the two texts/comparison – based on certain criteria
Brief summary of Text 2
Critical evaluation of Text 2
Critical evaluation of the two texts
Explanatory notes:
Initial evaluation: Don’t just provide information about the authors/publication, draw conclusions based on the available information.
Summary: This should be brief (shorter than for Assignment 1): about 1 – 2 paragraphs in length.
Critical evaluation: Use the relevant critical framework. For example, if the texts chosen present different arguments or offer different solutions to a particular ‘problem’ or issue that is important in your field, you should critically evaluate the arguments or solutions offered (Content Analysis). If you are reviewing a new technology you should consider its possible applications and any implications there may be for its implementation in different contexts.
Conclusion: Your conclusion could draw comparisons between the texts e.g. You could comment on how the texts relate to one another (e.g. Does the second text provide more information? Does it present conflicting information or opinions? Does it use a different methodological approach?
It should end with an overall statement about how the two texts contribute to our knowledge/research in the field or about the topic.
Can you please select the two texts and then email it to me first before you write the paper? The two texts needs to be medicine related journals.

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