A Comparison of Rental Property Investment between London and Paris.

| February 9, 2014

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Real estate investment is an appreciated form of long term investments and always preferred to the long-term stock investment. Real estate refers to the property, which is land plus the building and any other development on the land including fencing, building and any other on site improvement (Smith, 2007). A properly developed real property will mean a consistent flow of income from the rental payments received. According to, Hareyan, 2010, the investment realizes a consistent, predictable cash flow. In the long term, the property is bound to increase in value as a result of appreciation, thus its capital value continues to increase. Despite these facts, the global financial crisis had its effects on real estate investment. Real estate investment differs in different cities. The differences are as a result of various factors. This essay will analyze real estate investment in London and Paris. London and Paris are the best cities to invest in (Greater Paris Investment Agency (GPIA), 2010). The essay will compare property investment in the two cities as it highlights the factors that are responsible for the differences. An analysis of the effect of globalization and the impact the recent global financial crisis had on real estate investment…..ORDER NOW…
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