A comparative analysis trend of: Santander Holdings USA inc. vs BBVA Compass Bancshares inc.

| April 1, 2014

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The research paper is about a comparative financial trend analysis about two banks that I get to pick: I choose Santander Holdings USA Inc as bank A and BBVA Compass Bancshares as Bank B. This term paper should demonstrate the ability by the class member to identify research, analyze, compare, explain, evaluate and synthesize particular financial markets or major money center institutions, engaged in commercial banking, investment banking, or insurance, or in all three aspects of financial services. Also the inner-workings of a domestic or international financial should be explained. Through this research, the student will be able to survey relevant literature, develop and defend a personal position on the current stability of the selected markets and the financial conditions of the institutions selected. Here are the formats even though everything is in the attached file bellow:
The Research Report must show the following format:
1. Be typed in double space format.
2. Show in the cover page:
a. The title of the research paper
b. The course number and name Professor’s name
c. Your full name as it appears on the class roster
d. Your Panther ID
e. Your telephone number and e-mail address
f. Show the date you finished the report
g. Show footnotes and bibliography, in accordance with an accepted manual of style. Credit must be given to any authors work consulted, whether it is quoted or paraphrased. Failure to follow this requirement is a violation of ethical standards for which sanctions can be imposed by the University. Refer to section on Academic Honesty. The professor, at his discretion, may use Turnitin software to detect ethical violations.
3. Internet address by themselves will not be accepted. Sources consulted must contain author’s name, title of article or publication, and applicable dates. You can insert the URL address afterwards.
4. All report pages should be numbered at the bottom center of the page. Report should be stapled twice on left side margins.
Everything is on the file attached. Please follow it as much as you can especially use correctly the FDIC website if you are gonna use it.
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