A Christmas Carol

| December 12, 2015

A Christmas Carol
Your final is to be a 2 to 3 page paper, double-spaced, with a cover sheet and your ticket. Using correct grammar, organization of your ideas and your insights will all be taken into consideration when your paper is graded.

The playwright is the author of the play’s text; the screenwriter is the author of the film’s text.
The play is referred to as the play script, the text or the book.
The screenplay refers to the film or movie script.
The play on the stage is the staged play or the staged presentation/production.
The filmed version is the film adaptation, the film or the movie.

It will be a written assignment about A Christmas Carol in which you will discuss whether or not this play and the school adaptation are successful compared to the film, A Christmas Carol, 1951. Knowing this film was made in 1951 and is a British production and also knowing the themes presented within the film, would you propose to up-date it or to leave it as is. Please explore your ideas in-depth. You may use outside resources to substantiate your opinions, and resources should be attached as an additional page to your content.

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