A challenge to Act

| April 25, 2014

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From your Given the materials we’ve explored in class, the group discussions we have generated, your emerging educational philosophy and your reflections, outside readings and activities, articulate how this new perspective challenges you to act in terms of your educational practice and philosophy. Simply, given where we have journeyed together this term, how has your thinking about teaching, learning, school and society been impacted? And in turn, how has this impacted your practice? How do you frame, understand, and work to alleviate educational issues and dilemmas? What are you teaching ?for?,? and what are you teaching ?against?? How has this experience "challenged you to act" as a teacher, instructional leader, and social agent, and what is your call to action? In addition to referencing course readings and concepts in this inherently philosophical piece
1/ please write at least one page for each Question(important each Question one page)
2/ Also, you can use some idea from essays that attach
3/ please can you use this books as references
4/ add introduction and conclusion
references Texts
* Dewey, J. (1909/1975). Moral principles in education. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.
** Spring, J. (2012). American Education. New York: McGraw-Hill. 15th Edition
*** Hinchey, P. (2006). Becoming a Critical Educator: Defining a Classroom Identity, Designing a Critical Pedagogy. New York: Peter Lang
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Paul Ekman's Life Analysis Through Personality Theories.


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