A briefing paper on Proposal for a Peace building Initiative by "International Alert" in Somalia

| April 21, 2014

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Proposal for a Peace building Initiative by ?International Alert? in Somalia
The briefing paper will evaluate research skills in finding out about International Alert potential contribution and role of peace building in Somalia?s conflict, resolution and peace building by reflecting the organisations experience and their missions elsewhere. I need to write an advisory briefing paper for International Alert Organisation as the policy options available for them, a briefing paper advising to this International Alert to become involved in the various initiatives aimed at promoting peace and national reconciliation in Somalia.
International Alert – is an independent peace building organisation that works to lay the foundations for lasting peace and security in communities affected by violent conflict. We work in over 20 countries and territories around the world, both directly with people affected by violent conflict as well as at government, EU and UN levels to shape both policy and practice in building sustainable peace. IA has a very research program providing up to date information on best practice, emerging themes in peacebuilding such as climate change, the intersection of business and peace, gender and more.
International Alert is not currently working in Somalia but it works in other conflict areas of the world such Africa, caucuses and Central Asia,
Latin America, Middle East and many other locations around the world as it states in their website (http://www.international-alert.org). Its strategies revolve around grass roots community mobilization and local capacity building, research and with networking and international advocacy. International Alert aims to make a difference. In villages in Rwanda, eastern DRC and Peru, among divided communities in Kyrgyzstan, the South Caucasus and Myanmar, between politicians of different allegiances in Beirut, the Philippines, Uganda, and South Sudan. Our work does just that. The International Alert work is about the people in those communities, villages and groups. Helping them to recover in the aftermath of armed conflict, strengthen institutions to provide protection against looming violence, and bring people together to find ways of resolving their differences peacefully.
But the briefing paper will mostly focus the country?s national reconciliation process and grassroots community support on the issues of security, governance, peace building and women?s rights, Therefore the briefing paper should reflect the projects or programs run by the International Alert in these countries and discuss the similarities of these programs in Somalia if they would have worked Somalia.
The Briefing Paper?s Format
The briefing paper is to design and help International Alert understand the essentials of a policy issue in Somalia. The essence of a briefing paper is that it must be short and must focus on the key issues at stake for the International Alert on the question raised. It must contain only the most essential analysis and evidence to buttress its conclusions.
In format it must include the following:
1. A title in the form of Policy Options for International Alert. Its aims and objectives in general and its position in relation to the Somalia national reconciliation and peace building efforts.
2. A contextualisation of the issue in terms of a brief history of Somalia after the independence and fall of the central government of Somalia in 1990. Conflicts civil wars in the last 25 years of lack of stability and lack of central government. The fall of the government and warring factions And the intervention of the United Nations led by the US (operation restore hope) in 1991 which was intended only for the humanitarian intervention and saving the starving Somali children in southern Somalia. The clashes between Gen Aideed?s Militia and the UN peace keeping forces in Somalia led by the US which involves the event of Black Hawk Down where 17 US soldiers and hundredths of Somali civilians were killed when General Aideed used them as a human sheild.
3. The Post Civil war Somalia such as the formations of Somalia?s Puntland and Somaliland autonomous states and how can International Alert engage and deal on the development of these stable parties of Somalia on the issues of democratisation, humanitarian, and the war against terrorism.
4. War on terra and activities of Al Shabab in Somalia and neighbouring countries. The African Mission (African peacekeeping force in southern Somalia. And the crises and kidnapping of the piracy in the Somalia coast.
5. Current developments and issues, and the problems it raises for International Alert regarding any relevant of its past stances issues. You should also refer to other major actors in the area.
4. A statement of the options available to the International Alert including possible ‘costs’ and ‘benefits’, including your own recommendations.
This briefing paper must be around 2500 words. But you may attach footnotes not only giving references but also indicating assumptions or background details on the issue. Such footnotes and bibliography do not form part of the 2500 word total.
What I want in my briefing paper.
* Reasonable assumptions about the interests and concerns of International Alert.
* Identifying the key policy issues and their implications for the Actions Aid.
* how best to generate and evaluate options for International Alert in a convincing way.
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