A brief summary of the legend

| August 19, 2015

The contrast essay will essentially be an informational report about the validity (or lack of validity) of an urban legend/rumor. The essay will need to have four sections integrated into a single essay. 1-A brief summary of the legend/rumor you’ve chosen. Are there multiple versions of the legend? 2-An analysis of the rumor/legend’s background. Where did it originate? What did you learn about it? What is its purpose? (warning, rumor, frighten, scam) —Here are some research links – they should be used as guidelines and not simply copied from: http://www.snopes.com http://www.urbanlegends.com http://urbanlegends.about.com/mbody.htm http://urbanlegends.about.com/cs/folklore/ http://www.pickover.com/hoax.html http://www.nonprofit.net/hoax/ http://hoaxinfo.com http://urbanlegends.about.com http://www.scambusters.org/legends.html You also need at least 2 additional sources that discuss your legend or are in some way related to your legend. 3-Discuss the contrast between the legend and reality. Is it a total fiction? Is it in some way based on a real incident? Sections 1, 2 & 3 should take up most of your essay. 4-Discuss your reactions to the legend. These sections need to be put together into a single essay and not four different essays. Additionally, you will need a clear introduction (including a clear thesis statement) and a conclusion that brings together the various points of your essay.

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A Change in the Way We Deal With People
fragmentation of the public space.

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