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| August 17, 2015

Case Study Writing Services in New York

What is case study writing?

A case study is a phenomenon involving research on particular issues based on real life circumstances. It is an analysis that is descriptive and investigative of a person, event or group involving cases. Form many students case study writing remains a challenge because it requires critical and analytical thinking and not just researching and writing information. As such many find themselves in a quagmire when tasked with case study writing and end up looking for solutions online and a place they can get help. At, we offer case study writing services in New York that are top notch because we enlist professionals and we have garnered experience over the 15 plus years we have been operating. We understand the needs of students and we are ready and committed to meet them.

What to do before writing a compelling case study

When it comes to writing a compelling case study;

  • The first step is to ensure that before starting to write anything that you read and examine the case thoroughly. This will involve reading the case several times and writing down short notes that you can easily refer to later.
  • Focus your analysis to key problems why they exist, the impact they have and identify who is responsible for them
  • Look into possible solutions and recommendations by studying course readings and research material and select the best solutions.

Case study step-by-step format guidelines

Typically most case studies follow a standard format unless otherwise stipulated by your professor in the case study instructions. The following is the basic format that is used

  • Executive summary

The executive summary is a key part of a case study because it briefly outlines the entire paper and gives the reader insight on the crucial points that need to be noted without necessarily reading the whole document.

  • Introduction

The introduction should be brief and sweet and mention the issues that are discussed in the document without going into details.

  • Overview of situation/phenomenon

This involves looking at the phenomenon in a deeper manner and details so that that the reader gets accustomed to the case.

  • Analysis /Issues to be solved

The problems in the case study are identified and delved into.

  • Recommendations/solutions

The reader provides solutions to the problems that have been identified and provides recommendations for further studies through merging theories with the context in a bid to avoid it from being repeated in future. 

  • Conclusion

The conclusion gives a brief ending of the paper and what has been tackled while highlighting the major findings of the study and the solutions identified.

  • References

The references both in text and bibliography are important to note so that the reader can see where the research was obtained from.

Problems with case study writing

Students are faced with several challenges while writing case studies and some of them are;

  • Time consuming aspect
  • Subjectivity involved because of the researchers opinion having an influence on the case study
  • The case study results are difficult to apply to a wider population

To be able to avoid such problems students can get case study writing services. The advantage of using such services is it eliminates the problems the student is likely to face because the professionals are able to counter the problems making the process seamless for the student.


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