Epiphanies ( reaction paragraphs relate to daily life example)

| March 27, 2015

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The final work should include 6 separate paragraphs emulating the format of the sample uploaded and addressing the requirements in the instructions page . Each paragraph should belong to each of the chapters I upload (ch.9,10,11,12,13,14). I will be uploading 6 documents of the chapters and 2 versions of each , making it 12 documents ( rotated version (compressed quality) and non-rotated version(better quality)). An instructions document of what you should exactly do , kindly address the requirement in the instruction document and use Beebe, Beebe & Ivy (2012) as the author, when citing the concept you wish to reflect on for all of the paragraohs. You should bold the concept and cite the page number at the end of that sentence. There is a sample document with 2 examples , the first example is the important example you should focus on and the second example is the example I made for one of the previous chapters of the book. You basically need to pick one of the concept and reflect on it from your dailylife and follow the format that it needs to be written in the sample given.


To receive credit for the chapter epiphanies follow these steps:

First, IDENTIFY what you’re reacting to (include the page number!) and then DEFINE it according to the text. Finally, RELATE the topic to your everyday life. Your reaction toward the topic can be positive or negative, and should be no less than 2-3 sentences total (sometimes you will write significantly more).

Be sure to include page numbers and your name!


According to Beebe, Beebe & Ivy (2012), the conflict phase is the “second phase of group interaction, in which group members experience some degree of disagreement about social and task issues” (p. 288). At work we were recently assigned to groups to complete a project and quickly faced the conflict phase. Two of the group members thought they were tasked with the same part of the project. While they were assigned the same topic area, they were meant to work on different aspects of it. Personally, I thought experiencing the conflict phase so early helped us get clearer on our individual responsibilities and group assignments, it also encouraged us to meet regularly so we did not face similar issues in the future. Experiencing and managing the conflict phase was beneficial for all of us and the results of our group’s work have since become a model for our company.


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