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| March 23, 2015

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 1. I will attach
2 .http://
u must log into my account to do this case study , here is the address :”

User .. : Md.Hasan
Pass: cba673e9

1. See the update of email , i just sent to u .

2: 100 % means u have to write down fully every part to make 0% to 100%.

3. I completed to write down in the below Classification , Product Influence, Adoption , Product Share , Market Description, Suppliers , & now doing custoemrs but u have to check all of these to make sure is there anything wrong or not. i attached before P Education ……..pdf file which is very useful.
writer should write down in the entreact program of Diagonistic , Business, Training part .

After accessing entreact , there is one sample case study (Bridge test)under the click to select .From there writer can get a little bit idea but thats not my organisation’s name .My organisation is Navitas which i already set up .

U will log in
Under the Diagnostic part I completed 100% some parts but not sure so u have to check those including competitors share . Then complete rest of the part , After that you should use data or picture to write down business plan . All of these u must save in pdf file to send me .
Do u have any other questions


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Moduling and Analysis
Sizing residential smoke control systems using CFD simulation.


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