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| November 20, 2015

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Length: 800 words

Deliver it in 12 hours

I won’t accept any plagiarism work, so keep your work original

Be careful with your grammar errors.

Attachments:You should write an 800 words essay about Sri Lanka.

Please look at the following details.



You are a financial analyst who is scouting investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.


You are producing an investment report or proposal for potential business partners or clients. You want to capitalize on investment opportunities in one or more of the following sectors: industry, energy, tourism, technology, health, and education.


For example, mosquito nets and water filters can prevent disease. Provide descriptions and explain relationships between economics and other factors (e.g. natural resources, climate, geography, government, etc.).


Make sure to include a strong, significant connection to Sri Lanka’s neighbor country (India).



  1. Script and Annotated bibliography
    1. For each source in the Annotated Bibliography section, type an APA citation, source description (1-2 sentences), and information summary (1-2 sentences). Use reputable sources (e.g. government sites, journals, BBC, Economist, NYT, etc.). Use as many sources as necessary.
  2. In your essay, you should provide minimum 5 pictures and each picture should have its image description and narration.
  3. Length: 800 words


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