800-1200 word argumentative essay. Children playing football

| November 20, 2015

800-1200 word argumentative essay. Against children playing American football. In my essay I need at least two embedded, or parenthetical, citations from at least two different sources. However, I need two sources from the following articles.: “What price Football?” by Don Banks, and “Would Football without Concussions Still be Football?” by Nina Burleigh. Both, who are against children playing Football. Also please address counter arguments from these two articles who are both ‘In Favor’ of kids playing Football and include two citations from:
“Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports” by Jeb Golinkin and “Football Does a Body Good (Nannyism Doesn’t)” by Daniel J. Flynn. Both of these articles can be found in “Patterns For College Writing” (13th edition) (Green Cover) I can provide photos of pages if necessary.

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