8 pages. Immunology

| December 30, 2015

You have been given the task of developing an antibody – based point of care device to measure specific marker ( your choice) for early diagnosis of cancer ( your choice). Prepare details project on how you would go about this task. You should address the following headings:
– short description of your target antigen.
– Antibody type , production, and selection.
– Design of the immunoassay format: principle of immunoassay format, including sample extraction and treatment if necessary, Antibody labelling(if necessary) and antibody immobilisation.
-Description of the chosen immunoassay POC device: principle of use, components, detection principle, and examples of commercial devices.
Performance characteristics eg: preparation of standard curve for assessment of assay performance, elimination of non-specific binding, interference by materials in matrix and incorporation of controls.
– Validation and quality issues.
– Any ethical issues associated with use.

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