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| August 19, 2015

Hi Below is the instruction, must be deliver to be checked in 24hr. Please ONLY use the reference within 4 years from web :www.scopus.com. Check grammar before post. Installation of a New Pharmacy System – Serving as a Team Member: You are a nurse in a local health system that decides to purchase and implement a new pharmacy information system. You have an opportunity to earn a promotion and take on a new role as the only nurse serving on the implementation team. To be considered for the role, you must compete for the job by responding to the following questions. The responses will be reviewed by the project director who will select team members. The role on the implementation team will be a significant promotion and will provide the nurse participant the opportunity to impact patient care at the bedside and far beyond. The candidate selected will demonstrate the ability to think globally (at the systems level) but also more locally (at the unit level, from a nursing perspective). You are an effective communicator, self-assured, and a top-notch, team member. The team is large and the implementation timeline is short. You would be responsible to the Chief Nursing Officer of the health system. (1) Why are you interested in this job? (2) As a team member, what responsibilities would you have to stakeholder groups such as the team, hospital, nursing service, patients, etc.? (3) If selected, what one key action would you take as the project begins to prepare for your new role? (4) How often will you communicate with the CNO to update him/her on the project? What is/are your preferred mode(s) of communication? Why? post in four short paragraphs corresponding with the questions and strive to be articulate, focused, concise, and effective in your writing.

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