| September 25, 2015

You only need to read through to the top of page 49.
1. According to McCarthy, which of the following came first? Communities of worshipping followers of Jesus OR the New Testament portion of the Bible? Support your answer with some sort of justification from the first couple pages of the article.
2. As our other authors have done, McCarthy discusses the positions of those who he disagrees with. One of these positions is the claim that the Bible is free from human involvement. In your own words, summarize this position (in other words, what do those who think the Bible is free from human involvement believe, according to McCarthy).
3. Now that you have outlined the position McCarthy disagrees with, explain why McCarthy thinks it’s important to see that the “imprint of human life” is clearly present in the Christian scriptures. (In other words, why does he think the position in #2 is not correct)
4. Finally, read the section entitled “Salvation History” closely. Write a 3-4 sentence paragraph where you say whether this section seems closer to the analogical or dialectical approach that we discussed on Thursday. If you missed class Thursday or need a refresher on those 2 approaches, you can find it towards the end of the Portier, chapter 3 pdf.

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