6th edition, Applied Psychology Research – Human Factors

| November 24, 2015

Applied Psychology Research – Human Factors
Research in psychology sometimes tests the use of products to improve the well-being of people. For example, in the online article you read in your studies for this unit, “Undoing Dyslexia via Video Games,” the authors describe how the Fast ForWord program is used to help children with dyslexia to distinguish between sounds.
For this assignment
• Find an example of how applied psychology has been used to develop or improve a product in the interest of human well-being. Note: if you are working with the topic of product development for your Unit 9 assignment on applied research in psychology, the product must be different from the one you select for this discussion.
• Describe the product, and explain how it is used to promote well-being. What does research tell us about the effectiveness of the product? Provide the reference for the source that studied the product.
• Use APA (6th edition) style and formatting for citing references.

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60-70 words ,brief paragraph. reflection report of personal and professional development
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