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| December 14, 2015

2- (VERY IMPORTANT): I?m an international student from Saudi Arabia who is currently studying his master degree in Disaster Medicine and Management (PLEASE SEE THE PROGRAM DESCRIPTION IN ONE OF THE ATTACHMENTS) and one of the requirements of graduation is to do something called (Capstone) or the graduation project where the student chooses a particular topic to do it in 60-100 pages or more or less depending on the topic to be covered completely and nicely . This project can be taken as a separate class and my intention is to take it next term Not this term and I’ll take it alone without any other courses and after I finish it, I’ll be having only two courses in summer to finish the whole program and graduate and at that time there will be not only a big bonus but a huge one!
Now, I told you that I won’t take the Capstone this term and you might ask me: why did you mention then? And the answer is that every student must start preparing for it one term before he/she takes it to have the topic approved by the faculty.
There are three steps for it:
1- Send the idea that contains Capstone planning tool even briefly.(MUST BE DONE ONE TERM BEFORE TAKING THE CAPSTONE CLASS ITSELF, which means we have to do it in this order).
2- Submit the 15-page first draft (MUST BE DONE ONE TERM BEFORE TAKING THE CAPSTONE CLASS ITSELF, which means we have to do it shortly after you send a brief about the idea in this order).
3-Submit the Capstone itself (at the end of not this term but the term after that which will start after 3 months from now). This could be from 40-100 page project.
Please review the three attachments with this email to know exactly what Capstone is in addition to the other four attachments for samples of previous Capstone project.
Now, what I need is an idea to do step 1 and I want to do the first draft after that during next 4 weeks (with a special bonus if you do great job and select the topic I?m looking for).
As you know, all faculty will discuss me after I do step 3 at the end of next term that will start after three months and I do DO NEED AN IDEA THAT THEY ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH, like Hajj to have less pressure during discussion! Any idea should be related to our program and MUST BE AN APPLIED PROJECT PROCESS – WILL FILL A NEED OR A GAP OR IS A WAY TO IMPROVE ON A PROCESS FOR AN ORGANIZATION OR AGENCY, not just send a great idea without benefit that serve people or organization, NOT JUST A BIG PROJECT OR NICELY DONE INFORMATION (as you can see in the description of the Capstone in the attachments).
I think about an idea that connects our program with the crowded season of Hajj, where more than 3 million Muslims gather every year in a relatively small area in Makkah from all over the world and how we can improve this crowded religious event. My concern about this choice is that I?m wondering about the availability of having enough sources to do so because some capstones have about 60 references or more at the end. Please remember that I?m talking about RELIABLE SOURCES not other sources that are not reliable, like Wikipedia for example, but they must be reliable and published with the peer scholar that have been done recently.
Please tell me your thoughts regarding the idea of Hajj AND if you feel another idea is better please send it to me right away even if I prefer a specific idea related to Hajj or even an idea that the staff is not very familiar with to get less anxiety during discussion BUT to be done according to the instructions in this description and the attachments with this order.
Please don’t answer to this until you check the seven attachments that contain: 3 files containing description of the Capstone and its stages and the other 4 files are samples of previous capstones done previously by some students.
Remember that I prefer an idea about Hajj that serves the ministry of Hajj in my country and all pilgrims come from all over the world NOT just a great idea! Remember this is an applied project process but I need it in a minimum of 50 or 60 pages with tens of reliable references, not just to explain what Hajj is or what kind of infrastructure is there in Makkah, Mina or Arafat!
Please kindly respond to me ASAP to start preparation of this project that has three steps starting with this step to confirm your ideas and thoughts regarding all what has been mentioned here.
TO ONFRIM: what I need from this order is step 1 to have a topic for the Capstone to do step 2 later which is a 15-page first draft, which will be used as a base for the Capstone itself next semester. IF I WOULD LIKE MY TOPIC IS ABOUT HAJJ (according to the instructions of Capstone found in the attachment): CAN YOU FIND AN IDEA THAT WILL SERVE THE MUSLIM DURING HAJJ, WHICH WILL SERVE BOTH THE PILGRIMS AND THE AGENCIES WORKING FOR HAJJ? PUT IN MIND THAT THE CAPSTONE ITSELF SHOULD BE AT LEAST 60 PAGES WITH 60 RELIABLE REFERENCES, AS DESCRIBED ABOVE. Please send me a 1-page description that contains your plan in details regarding the idea itself, the resources will be used, ad how this idea can serve the agencies of Hajj and the pilgrims TO GO AFTER THAT TO THE NEXT STEP AND DO THE 15-PAGE FIRST DRAFT, WHICH WILL B THE BASE OF THE CAPSTONE ITSELF NEXT SEMESTER. If you have other ideas other than Hajj please offer them but please remember that I need an idea that the evaluators of my discussion will not be very familiar with to have less anxiety during discussion!
Waiting for you!

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