6 pages, Foundations Of Couples Counseling

| November 26, 2015

Utilizing the attached PDF, specifically pages 47-64(section 2-27) you will have two distinct tasks.
1. Provide your observations and evaluation of “Johnson’s” clinical interventions. Once you have addressed each intervention you will then need to complete the second task.
2. Once you have completed part one you will then need to insert your clinical intervention into every “Johnson” response. Obviously, if you agree with the clinicians intervention that is all you will need to state. So for each “Johnson” clinical intervention include “your” clinical intervention and then briefly discuss why you have substituted your intervention for “Johnson’s” intervention.
You have the good fortune of having the complete case-specific background and other important details.
This is a time intensive task, however, very direct and specific.
You not only can be very personal in your approach, interventions and rationale

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60-70 words ,brief paragraph. reflection report of personal and professional development


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