6 hours deadline -500 to 600 wordsRespond Please see the document attached and respond write 600 words with min 2-3 peer reviewed references “Zooming In” A

6 hours deadline -500 to 600 wordsRespond Please see the document attached and respond write 600 words with min 2-3 peer reviewed references
“Zooming In” Activity 1 – Lyft, Page 43 of text – Part 1

1.What is meant by the term culture fit? why is it beneficial for both employees or employers?

2. What individual behaviour leads to effective teams?

3. what factors unique to virtual teams contribute to their sucess?

Your submission must be double-spaced with uniform 1-inch margins and using 12-point Times New Roman font.

Please refer below article and reference inorder to answer this questions


Business Communication: Process & Product (9th Edition) by Guffey and Loewy (ISBN-13: 9781305957961) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Edition) (ISBN-13: 9781433832161)

Lyft Epitomizes the Sharing Economy and Teamwork Today’s sharing economy, an economic model in which individuals rent or borrow an asset owned by another, is upending entire industries, especially transportation. While Uber started the game-changing idea of ride sharing, the irreverent company Lyft, known for its magenta mustache branding, epitomizes the upheaval. The high-tech, San Francisco–based business is itself a model of sharing. Consumers request a ride using the Lyft app, and minutes later a Lyft driver in the area appears. Riders avoid the hassle of driving, and drivers make some cash. The simple idea is working, as the company has enjoyed a fivefold growth in its first two years of existence and shows no signs of slowing down.1 This success can be attributed in no small part to teamwork. Lyft so values teamwork that part of the test new-hires must pass is a culture fit to determine whether they share the Lyft ethos of collaboration and mutual respect. Cofounder and CEO Logan Green says, “When we build a team, we look for incredibly smart, compassionate people who are all motivated by the same goal.”2 In fact, Lyft’s organizational structure is a series of teams instead of departments found in more traditional businesses. Team members regularly approach colleagues to solve problems. One software engineer talks about the rewards of being surrounded by “friendly people willing to help get things done.”3 A brand designer boasts, “All teams are very supportive and respectful to each other” and that Lyft’s collaborative spirit fosters team “camaraderie, energy, and creativity.”4 As Lyft grows, it has had to extend its relaxed yet professional workplace to virtual teams in other countries. When the company recently expanded to France, it helped employees get ready to bridge the distance gap by creating a presentation explaining effective communication in virtual teams. Lyft and its ever-growing teams dedicated to a shared company vision embody the importance of teamwork in the digital workplace. Although Lyft may have a pink-fur-lined elevator and its employees may wear flip-flops and casual clothing, effective communication skills, respect for fellow workers, and professionalism are key to its growing success. You will have a chance to complete a relevant task related to this case study at the end of this chapter. Critical Thinking
• What is meant by the term culture fit, and why is it beneficial for both employer and employee? •What individual behaviors lead to effective teams?
• What factors unique to virtual teams contribute to their success?

Guffey, Mary Ellen; Loewy, Dana. Business Communication: Process & Product (p. 43). Cengage Learning.

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