Extra Credit Projects

| May 19, 2015

Extra Credit Projects
I. Microsoft Word
Create a one page document on any topic that interests you and save it with your User ID as the leading characters in the file name. Your document must include the following features:
 Bold text
 Italic text
 Underlined text
 Centered text
 Copied text (copy and paste text)
o Change the font type and font size of the copied text
 A bulleted list (as in this list)
 Any clip art or other graphics image inserted into your document

II. Excel
Create a spreadsheet for a payroll application for at least five employees and save it with your User ID as the leading characters in the file name. Include at least one graphic image of your choice using the chart wizard. Your spreadsheet should contain the following data with appropriate row and column labels:
 Federal tax percentage at top of spreadsheet
 State tax percentage at top of spreadsheet
 For each employee (each item will be a column)
o Name
o Hours worked
o Hourly rate of pay
o Gross pay (hours worked * hourly rate of pay)
o Federal Tax Amount (gross pay * federal tax percentage)
o State Tax Amount (gross pay * state tax percentage)
o Net pay (gross pay – federal tax amount – state tax amount)
 Column totals
o Total Gross pay
o Total Federal tax amount total o Total State tax amount
o Total net pay
 Column averages
o Average Gross pay
o Average Federal tax amount total o Average State tax amount
o Average net pay
 Using the Chart Wizard in Excel create a Chart of the data of your choice with a chart type of your choosing

III. Powerpoint
Create a presentation consisting of at least 5 slides on any topic. Include the following features:
 Varied slide types
 Text
o Centered
o Bulleted list o Bold
 Any clip art or other graphics image
 Sound clip
 Italic text
Sound clips, videos, graphics and clip art can be downloaded from free sources on the web.
 Print out your slide presentation. You may print multiple slides on one page.

IV. Access
Create a database with at least eight records added to keep track of your favorite television shows. Each record should have at least five fields of your choice. Submit the following screen captures of your database design and functioning in a word document:
 Screen capture of Database design from the design view after creating table
 Screen capture of Datasheet view after entering data for at least eight records
 Screen capture of Query design views for each of two queries
 Screen capture of Output from Queries after running each of two queries
 Examples of queries could be:
o Which  favorite shows are comedies?
o Which  favorite shows start after 9:00 P.M.?


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