500 word =poster. Knowledge Evidence and Practice

| November 29, 2015

this is a social work course work
you need to make a poster based on personalisation of a rough guide published by SCIE
read and review the rough guide so that you can make a poster(please read through all the rough guide its about 100 pages)
NOTE:I will upload the rough guide.
the poster needs to be done in not more than 500 words
it needs to be done by using critical appraisal TAPUPA
1)Demonstrate that you understand that there different forms of knowledge and research
(please choose like two different types of knowledge (eg there is Policy knowledge in the rough guide), which are included and write briefly about them then choose like one knowledge which is not included in the rough guide and use it to critic the knowledge in the rough guide review.
smilarly to research choose two types of research that are included in the rough guide review and write briefly about them and one research not included in the review and use it to critic the research part.
2)Then briefly write the way that knowledge and research contribute to the practice of social work.
3)Briefly show that you understand how to discuss the quality of research which s related Social Work.
4)demonstrate that you can understand how different research methods contribute to the conclusion that the researcher draws.
(you should be able to discuss the problems that different research methods have when we use the findings in social work practice.)
To be done on separate piece of paper(not poster)
5)finally write a critical reflection discussing about your experience of completing the poster assignment, reflect upon your learning during the completion of this task,demonstrate consideration of the audience
note:write in a way that is acceptable for a university degree,use appropriate referencing technique ( in text references Harvad 5th edtion) and write in uk plain simplified English
reference the reflection too.
please the total assignment should not exceed 1500 words
500 word =poster

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