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| June 19, 2015

Topic: 5 forces analysis

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Business Environment Assignment 2:
1.1 Do a critique on the 5 Forces analysis and decide on some changes you would recommend to improve the tool. Outline your recommended changes and clearly explain the

rationale for each change. You should suggest a minimum of 3 changes and a maximum of 5 changes, detailed in your assignment on as follows (1-2 pages assuming 250

words per page):
5 force analysis- Recommended change Rational for the change
If appropriate, you may also include a diagram of the revised tool in the appendix. The purpose of this section is to develop your ability to critique and analyse

existing practices.
1.2 Complete a 5 Forces analysis (incorporating your suggested changes), a competitive strength assessment and a strategic group map analysis on an industry of your

choice, ensuring that you adequately explain each point you make (4 pages of text, excluding diagrams and tables). Remember do not pick the same industry to be used

for your Business Project course, if you are taking this course in Semester
The purpose of this section is to carry out a competitive analysis on an industry.
Note: Only one strategic group map should appear in the main report. If you believe there are more than 2 important Key Success Factors in the industry, you can draw

more than one strategic group map (although this is not a requirement). If you have developed more than one strategic group map, only put the strategic group map you

feel most reflects the industry’s competitive position in the main report. Additional strategic group maps, if any, should be put in the appendix.
1.3 Pick a specific organisation in the industry examined in Q1.2. Based your competitive environment analysis, clearly explain the top 3 challenges regarding the

competitive environment facing the company going forward (1 page).
The purpose of this section is to understand how the analysis completed in 1.2 can be applied to a company. Please refer to the Guidelines for the Assignments and the

Sources of Information details at the end of this section.
Guidelines for the Assignments
? There is no need to include an introduction and conclusion with the assignment, just address the questions in each assignment.
? The guide to the number of pages per section is the maximum number of pages for each answer. The word count for the assignment is 2,500 words. This excludes the

cover page, table of contents, diagrams, tables, relevant appendices and the reference list.
? The assignment should be typed using 12 font size, Times New Roman and 1.5 line spacing.
? Answer each of the assignment questions in sequence, clearly labelling each of your answers.
? Correct referencing is an important convention of academic assignments.
Ensure you familiarise yourself with referencing guidelines and apply these guidelines to your assignments. Your assignment must contain a complete list of the

references used and these references must be referenced correctly throughout your assignments.


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