4 pages. Final Exam for US History

| December 17, 2015

One of the problems involved in teaching a survey history course is that so much must be covered, which means that little can be addressed in depth. Different historical subjects interest students in different ways, and to different degrees. I am also aware that the lecture and reading schedules did not coincide. Still, there were reading materials that were assigned that went beyond my lectures, and they bring our course almost up to the present.
All this considered, I would like you to examine your notes and your textbooks and choose three topics we covered that you found particularly interesting and informative. You may choose any subjects we have covered during the semester, so you have more freedom to choose. I would like you to tell me in some detail what you learned about these subjects, and why you found them interesting. If there is a topic you had studied previously, but there were differences in how it was presented in this class, that would be interesting for me as well. Please rely ONLY on your notes and your textbook.

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Literature Review (Local Effort)
2 pages. Impacts of Limitations on and Advocacy for Civil Rights


Category: American History

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