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| September 25, 2015

Rel 103 – Fall 2015 – Paper One Due dates If you want to submit a rough draft, you must email it to me at mayrandn1@udayton.edu by the end of class time on Thursday, September 24. It must be a full draft. The final draft is due by 11:59 pm on Sunday night, September 27. Submit through Isidore. Your task Demonstrate that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of multiple approaches to the discipline of religious studies. Then, discuss how a theological text like Nostra Aetate is unique even though it may resemble one or more of those religious studies approaches. Outline Your paper must include an introduction, body, and conclusion… In the introduction, discuss in your own words some of the reasons for studying religious traditions that our authors provided. You do not need to list every reason! Select a few that you thought were most interesting and describe them in your own words. If you’d like, you can finish your introduction with a reason that you think is important that the authors did not bring up (You do not have to do this though). The body of the paper is the longest and it should contain at least three parts… In the first part, you should tell me about the two competing versions of religious studies that Prothero provides for us in his article. Summarize each version in your own words based on his article and on our discussions. In the second part of the body, explain why neither of these approaches are totally convincing. Base your writing on the text and on our discussions. Then, in a third part, detail how Portier provides us with key concepts that help us move forward. They help us form an approach that is a middle way between Prothero and Prothero’s opponents. Finally, you need a strong conclusion. The conclusion must relate the rest of your paper to Nostra Aetate. Remember that Nostra Aetate is a theological text (in other words, the authors of the text have specific faith commitments that they are trying to better understand). Your conclusion should highlight some ways that the approach of the authors of Nostra Aetate is both similar to and different from the religious studies approaches you discussed in the body of the paper. (This should help you start to see that the disciplines of religious studies and theology are related but are not the same thing.) Format Please submit this paper through Isidore in the assignments section as a Word or Pages file. No other formats will be accepted. I don’t care about font as long as it’s fairly common and readable. As for length, aim for somewhere around 1000 words (about 4 pages double spaced). I won’t be counting, but I can tell if it’s way too short or way too long!

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