| November 24, 2015

First, list the 4 ideals set forth in the utopian 10th stage of the human mind as described by Antoine Nicolas de Condorcet in the ENLIGHTENMENT Chapter. Give the page number in our textbook where you found your answer. Then, using the SEE-I format, write whether these ideals have been met today. Be sure to state and explain your point of view about each ideal, and then give each abundant examples. Conclude with an analogy to the crew of the starship Enterprise, Starfleet, and/or some other aspect of Star Trek. If that seems impossible, conclude with an analogy to some other mythic society.
Finally, express what essential quality society lacks today (wholly or in part) which is not found in this 10th stage. What is it?
State it, explain it, give examples of it, and conclude with a story that is meaningful to you.
the text book is Landmarks in Humanities, 3th Edition, 2013, Gloria K. Fiero.

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