4 chapter. The influence of the mother tongue

| December 19, 2015

1)Background of the Project.
2)Terms in the Body.
3)Purpose of the Study.
And I need 4 chapter
Also make Questioners and you should analysis Questioners
You should use sources form books or Internet and write if you use any sentence from book you should puts source name of book and who write book
Also if you use any sentences from internet also you should write name of web from where you take this sentence
And I prefer write project from your languages ,but no problem if you choose any sentence from book or Internet but the important things put from where you get any sentence
Also when make Questioners you should distributed Questioners to people and when distributed Questioners from people you should analysis all Questioners

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Journal Paraphrasing
4 pages. Huck fFinn Argumentative Essay


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