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each question 300 words with references ( LINKS)
1- Identify the types of evidence that demonstrate progression of the consulting project through delivery of its subsidiary objectives. Once ideas dry up on the types of evidence, move on to classify them (say in quantitative-qualitative/documentary/non-documentary, etc.).
2- Consider how these different types of evidence will work given the spectrum of consultant-client interactions. Do some types of evidence work better with one type of interaction or another? Why, why not?
3- At the bottom of page 499 of the text is the Ethical Dilemma. Businesses like airlines and hotels offer different prices to different customers to maximize profit on any particular day. Discuss the example in the text both pro and con and answer the questions.
Also, discuss the the above in terms of the concept of the “perishability of capacity.” Some managers believe that it is necessary to keep all resources fully utilized due to perishability of the capacity. Is it a right approach?

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How are hypotheses and theorie related
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