3 pages. Investigating the Synergistic Effects of Retention and Socioeconomic Status on Student Academic Achievement

| December 14, 2015

Seminar Question One
-Why is understanding the context within which an organisation operates important?
(Remember you should be using the literature to develop and support your answers)
Seminar Question two
-What benefit would strategic decision-makers gain from utilising a definitive framework and following a specified strategy development and deployment process?
Seminar Question 3
(The Retail organisation should be NEXT PLC
• Carry out a PESTLE analysis of a nationally operating retailing organisation.
• Discuss the results of your analysis and any conclusions you can make concerning the organisations mid to long-term future.
• What trends might be useful to monitor as a performance indicator for strategic actions the organisation might take?
• Use the PESTLE grids we looked at this week and submit copies with your answer

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275 words. Social Networking and Technology
1200 word limit. Buncefield Fire Disaster: The Importance of Business Continuity Management In An Organization


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