3 pages. Fundamentals of Photographic Art- Reflection on Photographic Arts

| December 30, 2015

To prepare for this Assignment:
• Review the Jonathan Jones article: Jones, J. (2013, January 10). Photography is the art of our time. The Guardian. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/jonathanjonesblog/2013/jan/10/photography-art-of-our-time.
• Consider the effect of composing photographs using the fundamental principles of photography you have studied in this course (Framing, Placing, Dividing, Graphics, Motion, Color).
• Consider the purpose of having a process and intent when composing photographs for the viewer.
The Assignment:
• Write a 3-page paper assessing how the fundamental principles of photography are reflected in the way you communicate messages or stories.
• Assess how these fundamental principles of photography are reflected in the way you view your community and the world.
• Describe how you might approach photography differently after this course.
• What photographic skills have you strengthened since the beginning of this course?

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