3 discussion post, Only need to be 3-5 sentences long on each post

| October 26, 2015

English comp discussion
It is important that when you create the draft for an essay you apply both drafting strategies and collaboration.

Share some of the challenges you might encounter when building a working draft of an essay. These challenges can cover the introduction and conclusion, body details, or any details you developed from the planning activity.

In your response, select a classmate’s post and offer suggestions that help to develop those details into a working essay draft.

Finance discussion
How does leverage impact risk and return? How is risk related to operating and financial leverage? Explain your answer in detail.

HRM discussion
Gamification is applying “game mechanics” or “game design thinking” to non-game applications, such as employee training. This is done in an effort to make learning more interesting and competitive. Conduct academic research on typical gamification tactics and the companies that have been using this method to deliver training programs.

Select a gamification tactic for training and explain it in your initial post. Then select a company that is using gamification in training and describe how they are using this method.

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Business Model and Strategic Planning Outline

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