2,500 words. Graphic Art

| November 30, 2015

The paper will need to include 5 pages of written text (standard Word file with 1.5 line spacing or equivalent to 5 pages of text formatted to Helvetica Regular, 12 point type with 18 point leading, 1 inch margins – OR, approximately 2,500 words), and 5 pages of imagery on your chosen subject, for a total of ten pages. You will turn in a printed copy AND a digital file (Word, Pages or PDF file).
You will write your paper on one of the following designers:
David Carson, April Greiman, Margo Chase, Clement Mok, Joe Duffy Charles S. Anderson, Zuzana Licko/Rudy Vanderlans,
Stefan Sagmeister, Chip Kidd, Matthew Carter, Neville Brody, Milton Glaser, Saul Bass, Joshua Davis
Peter Saville, Jan Tschichold, Paul Rand, Alexey Brodovitch, Alvin Lustig Herbert Matter, Georg Olden
Your paper should have both biographical information and information about their design work/careers. Also, tell me why you chose this designer – what is it about their work or them as a person that appeals to you? What can you learn from them that you can use in your career as a designer

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3 articles ,brief ,rubric ,my thesis and the three quotes. semiotics theory in graphic design
Design, present and defend a formal professional analysis of narratives concerning a current public issue

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