250 words only. RevSim Simulation – Revenue and Profitability (Report Format – 250 words maximum in this section)

| December 17, 2015

My role is a Revenue Manager, aiming to review the pricing strategies and operating performance (RM) – Revenue and Profitability within my hotel (Lakeside). Please write a maximum of 250 words only, with analysed graphs/figures. You can access and use the graphs/figures in the simulation webpage. Go to “View Reports and View Trends” in the simulation webpage. You should find all the relevant information from there. Please refer to the word document “RevSim Instructions – How to access to RevSim and the data information”
Please access to the required data from the Simulation webpage I provided. The hotel simulation run from “January to June”. Please analysis within these months
Our hotel name: Lakeside (Basically Leisure hotel)
We are Leisure hotel targeting the facilities on Spa and Fitness Centre. You can see the details in the Simulation webpage under the heading: Marketing and Investments.

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Writing of Review Protocol

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