250 to 300-word letter. Breast cancer awareness (developing and evaluation)

| November 25, 2015

Breast cancer awareness
– My topic about how to make awareness program for breast cancer women in Saudi Arabia
– Outline should be cover the following point:
• Letter reply (find assignment example and also the letter which I have made it)
• Introduction, background (should be involved such as, epidemiology evidence in Saudi and the world, aim Breast cancer awareness program which mean why breast cancer awareness so important
• Identifying needs, priorities and target group to inform planning
• Aim and objective
• Health promotion framework and health models ( health belief model, Transtheoretical Model and Social, ecological model
• Partnerships working
• Cost, location, duration and delivery
• Evaluation and the programme’s impact on long-term health gain
• Conclusion
Note, I would like you to mention, how it is important social marketing for developing the programme.
Formative Assessment
Part 1:
Students are asked to write a 250 to 300-word letter in the guise of a local manager to a health promotion specialist. It should ask for information and advice on how a health promotion project may be conducted so to address a locally recognised need. The professional role of the manager and the locally identified need can be decided by the student based upon the student’s own areas of interest. Ideally, this letter should be written based upon current knowledge and attitudes; this will enable students to question where they are now and help them to see how this module has promoted personal development.
Summative Assessment
The summative assignment is a 3,500-word formal response to the letter by the health promotion specialist. The response should suggest a comprehensive health promotion programme specifically designed to the address the identified need. The good rationale should be provided for all recommendations, and all advice should be based upon the critical evaluation of existing literature and the evidence base. The letter is written in the first person by the student in the role of the health promotion specialist.
You must achieve a mark of 50% or greater to pass the module.

As you are replying to a letter with a letter, your introduction will start with brief and pleasant formalities (e.g. Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your letter in which you asked for my advice regarding…..). More importantly, your introduction should tell the reader what your aims and intentions for writing are and how you plan to structure the remaining letter (using sub-headings) so to address the various issues and components related to the health promotion intervention you are recommending.
Main text
In this section you should provide the following:
• A critical appraisal of research literature and audit data relevant to the health promotion need identified in the manager’s letter. This is so you can convince the manager that you are knowledgeable of this specific topic and are aware of the many complex issues involved.
• A procession of recommendations so to ensure that any intervention:

o Is fully planned in advance and the plans are constructed so to meet specified goals
o Is based upon a recognised health promotion framework
o Takes into account the philosophy and practice of empowerment and change management
o Recognises how policies at the micro, so and macro level of society need to be considered and developed together so to promote public health policy
o Considers the duration, location, cost and delivery of the initiative
o Recognises potential barriers to success and identifies potential contingency measures
o Will be properly and effectively evaluated according to its processes, immediate impact and long-term health gains.
Justification, based upon relevant literature, MUST be provided for everything you recommend. Remember, you are writing to convince the manager that your advice is informed, evidence-based, rational and of high quality. If you do not convince the manager then your advice may not be followed and, indeed, the intervention may never occur. The markers of your assignment will be taking the role of the manager, and your final mark will be influenced by how comprehensive, inclusive and persuasive your approach has been.
This is where you pleasantly end your letter by briefly reminding the manager of the importance of planning, conducting and evaluating health promotion interventions properly. Don’t forget to end with “Yours sincerely” but don’t then proceed to write your name. Remember, this assignment is marked anonymously.
Reference list
A reference list would not normally be included in a letter however it is important to include one here so the manager can see the sources of literature that you have used throughout your letter to support and justify your recommendations. The manager may also want to access and read some of this literature you have mentioned so please ensure that all references are correct and are presented using APA
– also, I have some example for students from the previous year
– it is important to me an accurate reference because I will check it
and I am master level, so essay should be in this level.

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