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| July 17, 2015

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subject: Business Modelling
The work should be 3 excel sheets in 1 excel file.
This is a work that needs to be done in excel using excel tools as you can see from the instructions, it is based on 3 questions and you have to create 3 excel spreadsheets 1 for each question but the all work needs to be only 1 excel document with 3 spreadsheets ( when the teacher opens he will see question1 and all the answers at the 1 sheet then he clicks on sheet 2 and sees question 2 and all the answers and the same for question 3) . Remember to use excel tools/formulas to do the tables/answers so when he clicks at any number of the sheet the formula will appear at the top and he can clearly see how did u do the work and that you have used them. For example when he says to isolate the average sales you need to do that using the excel average function etc . Please read carefully the instructions.
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