21st century. Case management, Advanced Nursing Role

| November 27, 2015

Directions: This is an academic paper with a main focus on the advanced nursing role for which you have chosen within the graduate program (NP, CNS, CNL, Public Health/Global Health or CSA).
If you have chosen a NP role then further delineation of the role should occur i.e. Neonatal, Acute Pediatric, Family, Adult-Gerontology and/or Acute Adult-Gerontology.
Grading: See Rubric at end of these Directions!
The paper will be graded using the rubric found at the end of these directions. Papers must follow the guidelines identified in the APA 6th edition. Each submitted paper must have a title page (page 1), abstract (page 2), running header, page numbers, 2 levels of heading (Level 1 and Level 2 or Level 2 and Level 3) Arial or Times New Roman 11 or 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spacing, and a reference page.
Emphasis is placed on the writing style, use of correct grammar, sentence structure, organizational flow, synthesis and use of primary and secondary levels of evidence. The final paper must have 75% of the references as primary references (original studies).
Part I Advanced Nursing Role Paper 10%
Describe the role of the advanced practice nurse (NP or CNS), advanced nursing practice (Clinical Systems Administration, Public Health Nurse) or advanced generalist (CNL) in the 21st century (Select your role specialty). Include a short history of the role, identify the key competencies (DNP competencies and the specific role competencies i.e. (CSA or CNL or Public Health or NP role i.e. Neonatal, Acute Pediatric, Family, Adult/Gerontology Primary and/or Acute Adult Gerontology) associated with the role, and identify the strengths and barriers facing this advanced nursing role (substantiate strengths and barriers with primary evidence/original studies).
Part II Advanced Nursing Role Paper 30%
Advanced practices nurses are experts within their fields of practice and are expected to have a major positive influence on policy, clinical, quality, patient safety, and cost outcomes. Discuss the major policy, clinical, quality, patient safety and cost outcomes found for the role (CSA or CNL or Public Health or NP role i.e. Neonatal, Acute Pediatric, Family, Adult/Gerontology Primary or Acute Adult Gerontology). Specifically include any local, regional, national or international benchmarks available for these outcomes. Use of primary evidence required. The final paper will have 75% of the references are primary evidence (original studies completed involving the topic area).

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2 case study( Nursing); male with a diagnosis of Vascular Dementia.Falls. Postural hypotension. Syncope, Osteoporosis.Incontinent of urine and faeces.
10 double spaced pages. Case Study Asthma

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