Marketing Research on Obesity

| January 5, 2015

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Section 1 of the assignment already been written, i will provide it so you can have a look and know what to write for 2nd and 3rd sections, also please make up a questioner for de montfort university

Section 2 and 3

Qualitative Primary Data Collection
This part of the assignment requires you to plan and execute some exploratory primary research. This will investigate some of the following:
• the attitudes of current De Montfort students in the age range 19-30 to managing weight at university
• current student behaviour around diet, exercise, how they view weight and food intake
• student perceptions of their own weight and that of family members or friends
• how and why some students may experience weight issues or problems when they come to study at a university and are away from home for the first time.
• Current awareness of health risks associated with weight gain
For the primary research, there are two parts to the assignment.
Section 2
will be a brief research design. You must adopt a qualitative approach here, and your primary research design needs to be briefly explained. In this, you are expected to demonstrate knowledge of research design, to be able to explain the research process logically and to illustrate a relevant research plan. You need to develop an interview schedule and explain you proposed data collection. The final interview schedule will be placed in an Appendix. You write an in-depth interview guide or schedule. You will then carry out four interviews with FOUR individual DMU students. These respondents may or may not be known to you. All the ‘how to do it’ aspects of this data collection and analysis are covered in class (theory and practice), with practical skills being developed in class workshops.
The word limit for Section 2 is 900 words approximately (this excludes References and Appendices)

Section 3
will be a write up of your findings from the interview data, with a discussion section that links your findings to prior research and a short conclusion. You will need to analyse the qualitative data you have collected using a structured content analysis and coding to identify the key patterns You are advised to audio-record the interviews and prepare word-for-word transcripts. These will help you to select the quotes from the interviews to illustrate key points in your commentary. In the discussion, some comparison of the patterns in the interviews with those noted from previous secondary research is required. Finally, based on your findings, in the conclusion, you need to a) briefly identify the most significant findings from your research and b) make suggestions on what the Obesity Centre might include in their April 2015 plan
The word limit for Section 3 is 1,500 words (this excluded References and Appendices)

1.3 Key Guidelines on Reports
• The word count for each of your written reports (Section 1, 2 and 3) excludes the list of references and appendices. Please note also that anyone ignoring the word limit for either part of this assignment may be penalized.
• The analyses needs to be coherent, with clear, logical explanation and reasoned commentary. The analysis of the findings of the primary data needs to be well-developed and thorough, and not just descriptive and superficial. Guidance will be offered on qualitative data analysis in class. The format of the reports will also be commented upon further in class. However, each report should include:
o Short Executive Summary (No more than 100 words);
o Title Page;
o List of Contents;
o Main Findings;
o Discussion/Conclusion (no more than 300 words);
o References and Appendices.
• Each report should be in 12 point Times Roman, Arial or Calibri font. Clearly expressed points in English, careful punctuation and appropriate use of paragraphs will be appreciated, and will help you improve your work.
• A full list of references of all sources (whether academic or industry-based) must appear at the end of each part of your assignment. Please follow the Harvard referencing pro-forma on Blackboard and the current Guide (fourth edition). Sources must also be indicated clearly in the main text, as they arise. You must not copy material directly from any source word for word without acknowledgement, and neither must you paraphrase material from any source (academic or business) without acknowledgment. To do so is ‘plagiarism’, which is a serious academic offence. Very important: these reports (assignments part 1 and 2) must be entirely your own work and no-one else’s.
• In each report, you should use no more than three appendices in one report. Materials that appear in the appendices must be referred to and commented upon in the main text. Details on some possible appendices will be commented upon in class.
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