Mechanical engineering ‘Performance evaluation of radiator fins and analyzing possible design improvements’

| January 5, 2015

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It is an interim report. The report is a traditional formal report containing the introduction to the project, an information review/literature review; the work completed by the student and the results obtained; the work yet to be completed and how it is to be completed, THIS MEANS AN EXPERIMENTAL PLAN (sample types, number, experimental procedures etc.), PROGRAMMING PLAN, or OTHER SCHEDULED TASKS. It is expected that at this stage the Literature Review will be extensive and detailed, hence may contain approximately 2,500 words. The other required information will be fully written up and occupy around 1,000 words.
The 1000 words should includes different types of fins, shape and materials. they should include too how the heat transfer is predicted accurately, how does it work, the thermal conductivity / heat transfer and the calculations of fins accurate heat transfer flow rate. The software suggested to make the design will be solid works 2014.
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