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Data analysis (equivalent to 2,500 words; 60% of module mark)
contributes 60% of the module mark. The purpose of the assignment is to allow students to analyse and report the outcomes of qualitative data analysis methodologies. the assignment addresses the following learning outcomes:
} appraise data collection methods commonly used in medicine and life sciences
} critically evaluate the appropriateness of various data analysis approaches used in qualitative research.
} analyse and report the outcomes of the quantitative / qualitative data analysis methodologies covered in this course.
} Write up qualitative and quantitative data analyses in a form suitable for publication.
Students are required to answer the following two questions:
A) Compare and contrast two approaches to analysing qualitative data (choose from: thematic analysis, narrative analysis, discourse analysis, content analysis, secondary analysis). (1000 words)
B) Data analysis and presentation of qualitative research: analyse two interview transcripts using thematic analysis, and write a report of the emergent findings. (1500 words)
Transcripts for use in (B) are available through Blackboard. The two interview transcripts are taken from a study which was exploring patient-centred care and professionalism in gastroenterology. One transcript is from an interview with a patient who has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the other transcript is from an interview with an eminent stakeholder in the field of gastroenterology.
Important Notes: Be sure to elicit key codes from transcripts; develop a coding framework/use OSOPs to illustrate interpretation and categorisation of the data; look for patterns; be explicit about how themes are developed; consider bias in the process of analysis; consider assumptions that are made by the researcher during process of analysis; explore oddities in the data and what is ‘the story’ ; and what are the main findings. Document your work and coding.
Use the APA style of referencing both within the text and in the reference list at the end of the review. Please refer to the College’s Postgraduate Taught Masters Handbook available from the PGTM Infopoint section on Blackboard.
Detailed support and examples of referencing and citation styles are available in your Library Support section in Blackboard.
Format of assignment
All written work must be word processed, and in a clear, 12-point font such as Arial or Times New Roman
There must be 1.5 line spaces between each line.
Please leave two lines between paragraphs.
A 1″ margin on the left, top and bottom and a 1.5” margin on the right.
The pages of the main body of the assessment must be numbered.
Your student number should be included in the header of each page.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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Data Analysis Assignment


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