Globally Responsive Local Educational Environment in 2025

| October 31, 2014

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Students will design a globally responsive local educational environment for the year 2025. This educational environment could be a school, a public-access learning community, a tertiary institution, or any other kind of educational environment inside or outside of the formal education system. Most importantly, it should be clearly located in a local context, and designed to strategically respond to future global cultural and environmental trends within this local context. It should demonstrate your understanding about how globalisation is increasingly reconfiguring education in this particular locale. The design must directly address the cultural and environmental issues covered in Modules 4 and 5, but can also pick up on some of the issues covered in earlier modules.tudents are encouraged to be as imaginative and innovative as possible and to think beyond the conventions of the traditional educational institution.You can design a new educationalenvironment for your local context or redesign an existing local educational environment. If you choose the latter, be careful not to spend too much time describing how it is now – focus on 2025.
Design a poster based on your concept .Please don’t focus on the introduction or conclusion , kindly do the body text the main argument .
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