How multinational manage exchange risk

| October 30, 2014

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You have to write a report about how Fiat company manage exchange risk.
You have to analyse all technique that they used.
And critically analysed it
The project should take the form of extended essay should be analytical and problem oriented and will require students planning, researching, advising and responding to complex problem sets of multinational corporation
The assessment criteria for the project are as follows:
Problem Identification and Coverage 15%
Reading and References 10%
Data Collection, Analysis and Evaluation 40%
Conclusion 10%
Organization and Presentation 25%
Total 100%
Please find attached the assessment paper.
structure of the essay
Executive summary
Explain the Aim of the report (Critical analysis of Currency risk, Currency Risk faced by Fiat Group, instrument used to hedge and what they can do to improve their risk management strategy? Should they hedge?
• What are the MAIN risks faced by multinational Car Manufacturers.
• Focus on exchange rate risk (into what extent it can impact Fiat profit
• Which one of these risks can they control?
• What do they do to manage risk?
1) Introduction to Fiat group operations
2) Why exchange risk is a problem to them?
3) The exchange rate market (where, how does it work?)
4) Does Fiat try to manage exchange rate risk? What percentage is hedged? And what argument for and against?
5) Instrument used to manage exchange rate risk (ex: futures, forwards, swaps, options)
6) What Fiat can add to its Currency risk management strategy? Could they improve it? Was their hedging successful or unsuccessful?
7) Critical analysis of whether or not they should hedge? Brief comparison with peers group who hedge more or less to see whether they are more successful.
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