2000 words length. Analytic Commentary

| November 19, 2015

I was told to choose a child’s drawing and analyze it in 2000 words length. Therefore, I took a picture of that drawing, observed it with details explaining the drawing as explained by the child on a separate page (attached). I am asked to critically analyze this drawing by linking relevant Children Drawing and representation theories. This case study should focus on one aspect only, which is the “emotional development” that the drawing represents of that child. The theories should include “Jerome Bruner’s 3 modes of representation theory”, and “John Mathews theory”, and other theories by other scholars who focus on understanding drawing as a form of children representation. We are asked to link more than one theory to the points discussed about this drawing observation. The analytic commentary needs to include: 1-Critically analyze the observation drawing on relevant literature and research focusing on emotional development of the child; 2- Relate theoretical aspects to the observation of the drawing in a critical and analytical manner. The theories also need to be used in a discussion based analysis where some theories discuss the same point from different perspectives; 3- You need to show knowledge and understanding of significant aspects of young children’s representation, 4-Discuss possible implications of the analysis for policy and practice for example the role of the adults, the environment, or resources. (The
adult role should include my role as well. I tried to create the right environment for the child and asked questions to engage with the drawing at the same time), 5- please you need to raise possible questions as well to show that you are critically thinking about this drawing*
NOTE: Please use page numbers in the in text references, not just name and year. I will attach the drawing and my observation page of the child and the drawing. As I also attach a page with some references and theories that must be used in this work, but you will need to add more as we are asked to use at least 10 sources.
The structure of the paper: 1- please first introduce the drawing type (symbolic) and what it means to be symbolic with reference to Burner’s theoretical proposition, 2- why we chose the symbolic type of drawing not other mentioned in the types of drawings by Bruner, John Mathew and other scholars, 3- then by analyzing the drawing, you should focus on the emotional development side of it with reference to the observation page attached with this order and linking relevant theories and literature to help analyze it, 4- talk
about the implications as mentioned above.

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