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| October 23, 2015

***Use References & APA formatting
Discussion # 1:
Based on your readings of Chapters 1-3(see bullet points), discuss your philosophy regarding how a leader should behave. Second, list two of your favorite leaders (either those in the public eye or whom you might know personally), and describe how they embody the Saint Leo Core Value of Excellence.
When you complete this module, you should be able to:
•Define leadership.
•Identify the variety of ways to evaluate leadership effectiveness.
•Describe the major differences between leadership and management.
•Explain the process by which leaders create and maintain the organizational culture.
•Identify your own leadership style and philosophy.
•Identify one leadership problem (i.e., conundrum) that you would like to solve during this course.

Discussion #2:
Examine the mission statements by completing Learning Exercise B on p. 59 in your text. Using the “Characteristics of a Mission Statement” identified in Table 3(see below), identify (1) what you believe is the best of the five mission statements and (2) the one you find most inspiring and why. (One has been selected for you, which is Domino’s).

Domino’s Pizza Mission Statement
“To be the leader in delivering off-premise pizza convenience to consumers around the world. As a team united throughout the world, we will accomplish our mission by:
1 Being fanatical about product quality and service consistency;
2. Providing product variety to meet all customer needs;
3. Placing team member and customer safety and security above all other concerns;
4. Creating an environment in which all team members feel valued, because they are;
5. Building and maintaining relationships that reward franchisees and other partners for their contributions.”(David, 2014, p. 59).


Use Reference:David, F. R. (2014). Pearson Custom Business Resources (1st ed.). Pearson Learning Solutions.
9 components of a mission statement

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