2 Parts essay-Conflict and disruption

| November 19, 2015

Conflict and disruption
For this assignment, you have a choice of several options to gain a better understanding of how dating and family violence is viewed within our community, and how the officials of our community deal with issues of violence.
Part 1: Please select one option from Category A and two options from Category B. Write one-two pages to answer each question.
Category A (Violence in the media):
1. Read a daily newspaper for at least four weeks and cut out or copy all articles that report family violence, suspected or potential family violence including police or court reports. Analyze the articles and reports. Identify the common features about these cases. Include the articles or copies with your report.
2. Read at least five fairy tales and identify themes or messages that condone or challenge violence, abuse, racism, sexism or other oppression. Analyze the messages. Make lists of the fairy tales you recommend for children and those you recommend be avoided.
3. Read two books for children or teenagers and identify themes or messages that condone or challenge violence, abuse, racism, sexism or other oppression. Analyze the messages. Explain why you recommend for or against each book.
4. Watch at least two popular movies. Count the violent acts and the use of sexism, racism, intolerance, or ethnocentrism. Analyze the messages. What is the rating on this movie? At what age would you allow children or teenagers see these movies? Why?
Category B:
1. Find out what services (if any) are now available for victims of dating violence or sexual (or other categorical) harassment at your high school. Are the subjects addressed in any of the classes? Are signs warning students about dating violence or harassment posted in the school or published in the school paper? What is the official policy if they discover a situation of dating violence or harassment? What really happens?
2. Discuss family violence with a counselor, social worker, human service worker, doctor, nurse, judge, lawyer, or school official. What kind of training did he/she get for handling family violence? What are his or her experiences with the various forms of family violence in his or her job? What does he or she think needs to be done to reduce family violence? How may society and human service agencies better respond to these problems?
3. Find out what kinds of treatments are available for offenders in our Cleveland community. This project may focus on a particular type of offender or treatment (sex offenders, batterers, Parents Anonymous, Anger Management classes, etc.). Interview someone involved with the treatment program(s). How do they approach the problem? What do they recommend for dealing with these problems?
Part 2: How do the observations you made regarding the media that you selected in Category A relate to the community response you discussed in Category B? In what ways could we as a society do a better job of linking our responses to the exposure that individuals experience during their early socialization? What do we do right?
– Selects and fully answers one question from Category A
– Selects and fully answers one question from Category B
– Selects and fully answers second question from Category B
– Links ideas from Category A and Category B
– Makes suggestions to improve the ways which society deals with family violence
– Uses correct grammar, formatting, and professional writing style and correctly formats citations and Works Cited page

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